ⓘ Grasmere, Idaho


ⓘ Grasmere, Idaho

Grasmere is a ghost town in the southwestern part of the U.S. state of Idaho, in Owyhee County. Located on State Highway 51, it is 32.5 miles north of the border with Nevada and 58.5 miles south of Mountain Home.

In 2000, the average median household income for the zip code tabulation area, which includes Grasmere and riddle was $30.921. Height Grasmeres is 5.089 feet 1.551 m above sea level.

Grasmere was a former small gas station / bar& grill / post office, and still is remote, the U.S. air force manned by service pilots from the nearby mountain home air force base and National guard Idaho air pilots Gowen field in Boise. The station operates on the ground flying over Bruno canyon river Bruno East of here on the planes from their bases and other nearby bases in the region, such as air force base hill air force base Fairchild.

Grasmere has General automatic aviation airport in operation since April 1956, owned by the Department of transportation, Idaho.

Grasmere was the fictional location for the 2008 novel by jacquie Rogers, the house does not like the Mule Blues.